Kathleen Shea is Zeki Design's creative force. I graduated from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford with a Bachelor of Fine arts, specializing in Visual Communications Design. Enduring the competitive design program, which measured performance through annual portfolio reviews, I was one of ten students invited to participate in a master class my senior year, and even through the demands of my senior thesis project and my senior portfolio, I somehow found the strength to graduate with honors.

My strength lies in my unique combination of an imaginative mind, a natural artistic talent, a tenacious attitude and a hard work ethic. My creative passion for my work is what makes me stand out as a truly gifted designer, and a much desired addition to any successful design team.

Zeki means "smart". I call my design "smart" design because I apply a great amount of thought into every project before I begin sketching it out. Zeki Design is Smart Design. I practice visual architecture; a calculated method of tactile articulation. I may be artistic, but I'm not about to let my talents just hang on the fridge.
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