Iggy's Sourdough Loaf "Francese Large"

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Further through the loaf, there was a hole big enough to drive a VW through (Note: dull sunlight illumination vs. fluorescent above.)

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Details: March 1., 2002. Loaf name: Francese Large. Ingredients: Wheat Flour (Unbleached and Unbromated), Filtered Water, Natural Sourdough Starter and Sea Salt. Purchased at Russo's Market in Watertown, MA.

Impression: 6 in. by 9 in. rectangular loaf, max. loft 3-1/2 in. 1 lb., 3 oz (label stated 1.1 lb). Crust: chewy, ~ 1/4 in., thicker on bottom. Sour and well flavored, with mild crust flavor permeating crumb. Very holey and resilient crumb structure.

Rating: World Class Sourdough with unexpected shape.

Dick Adams 2MAR2002